We design exciting games for mobile devices.

We are focused on designing unique, living environments full of different creatures, exciting missions and strong emotions.

Real map

Every player knows his city and can intuitively plan his moves

Real people

Everyone can be a hero - regardless of age, gender, nationality or profession

Real content

Each location (e.g. School, Hospital) has a direct effect on players' situation

Real society

Each city has a different state in the game affected by players' choices


Let us invite you to our first game Blackout Age.

Blackout Age is unique F2P, geo-localized survival game set in the real world. Players are managing shelters a few months after global Blackout related to the alien invasion on Earth. Everyday players have to send survivors on the real street for food, water, and equipment. They have to fight against aliens, protect our world and find the way to contact with possible allies.